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no title please August 9, 2005

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playing in pain
the night was so clear
like rain
without the wet

ill show you the way
thru the kitchen to the place
where we can stay and say
‘i didn’t know that’
..all day

just wanted to call to see
if the grass was still growing
on your bed sheets
and say
i dont need you now!
all i needed to see
was the way you so quickly
noticed me and ran away
well god slept me well that day
and my bed it lasted all day
and when i woke up i was still there
in your house
but you’re not home
you’re away another day
and our brother sang
to remind me
that may-be, just may-be
we can all be together forever


30 glasses of melonade later… August 8, 2005

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its homestar runner! ..thats all. Posted by Picasa

Its Jace! July 24, 2004

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Jace is my nephew. He lives in Idaho now and I miss him…

Official Quant Web Site June 15, 2004

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Here’s a link to the Official Quant Web Site. Check it out. Two of my brothers are in the band. And here’s a link to Crying Girl Records, their record label.

The Future of Text Messaging February 24, 2004

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…is Instant Messaging. Mark my words and then come back in a year or two when all new cell phones are equipped with instant messaging capabilities. In other words, text messaging will be replaced with cell phone chatting. The question is, which service will be used? AOL IM (there are already phones on the market that support this), MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, or a new service that is (hopefully) compatible with these other services? It would ideal if by then an instant messaging standard has been agreed upon.

About Me September 7, 2003

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My name is Devin Henderson and I’m a computer science undergraduate in the School of Computing at the University of Utah. I’m also a web developer and am currently employed by Harward Irrigation Systems of Springville, Utah where I am working on an e-commerce enabled site that can be found at www.sprinkler.com. Sprinkler.com runs on a combination of open source and proprietary technologies, namely PHP, MySQL, and a Providex based inventory software package called FACTS.

I am also a contributing editor for pocketnow.com, a web site devoted to Pocket PC related hardware and software.

I can be reached at meNO@SPAMdevhen.com. Remember to remove the NO SPAM if you are not a lifeless spam-bot.