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If It Only Were… October 13, 2004

Posted by devhen in Funny Stuff, Linux, SCO.
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In light of the recent news of SCO's attempted answer to groklaw.net (prosco.net), I present the "play" below. (If, like me, you're having troubling reading that ugly domain name.. its ProSCO.net, as in "Pro SCO")

Darl McBride: "They just happen to have a financially backed, well known web site on which they successfully collaborate against us! Just my luck!.."

God: Don't you see, Darl.. this is how an open community protects itself–their threatened, collective light bombards you with demands of justice and openness..

Darl: "Ahhhhhhhhhh… I see! ..I think…. We shall create a web site where SCO backers can talk and scheme! Of course!"