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Windows: spoolsv.exe Using 99% CPU December 18, 2006

Posted by devhen in Windows.

I don’t find myself interested in Windows very often, or any proprietary operating system for that matter, but I ran into this problem on one of the computers in our office and thought I would share the solution. If you come across the problem of spoolsv.exe using 99% CPU usage, never fear. There is a solution. And its a rather easy one. Click here for the fix. Thanks to Tim for his journal entry pointing this out.


GNU Emacs for Windows October 20, 2003

Posted by devhen in Windows.
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The GNU Emacs text editor is available for Windows via gnu.org’s FTP server. The current stable release is 21.3 but the latest Windows version available on ftp.gnu.org is 20.7. However, you can download a compiled version 21.3 for Windows from www.crasseux.com. This is the version I use and its solid.