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funny August 16, 2005

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Deer Park Alpha 2 August 15, 2005

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Check out Deer Park Alpha 2, Mozilla.org's latest test release. Essentially, Deer Park is the pre-release of Firefox 1.5, due out sometime in the next few months. Its running very stable for me on Windows and Linux. The most notable changes from Fx 1.0 are the ability to reorganize browser tabs by dragging and dropping and much speedier back and forward buttons.

no title please August 9, 2005

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playing in pain
the night was so clear
like rain
without the wet

ill show you the way
thru the kitchen to the place
where we can stay and say
‘i didn’t know that’
..all day

just wanted to call to see
if the grass was still growing
on your bed sheets
and say
i dont need you now!
all i needed to see
was the way you so quickly
noticed me and ran away
well god slept me well that day
and my bed it lasted all day
and when i woke up i was still there
in your house
but you’re not home
you’re away another day
and our brother sang
to remind me
that may-be, just may-be
we can all be together forever

30 glasses of melonade later… August 8, 2005

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its homestar runner! ..thats all. Posted by Picasa