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The SCOop (as of Mar 8, 2004) March 8, 2004

Posted by devhen in Linux, SCO.
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Recent happenings in the SCO/Linux mess:

News.com has a video interview with Darl Mcbride in which, among many other things, Darl bitches about how GROKLAW is being funded by IBM, a statement that has been thoroughly denied by GROKLAW's owner. Meanwhile, Eric S. Raymond has gotten his hands on a memo leaked by an "annonymous whistleblower" inside SCO. SCO's own Blake Stowell has admitted that the memo is legit. In it are statements linking Microsoft to the $50 million investment in SCO made by BayStar Capital. These turn of events make Darl look even worse when trying to claim that his enemies are all backed by IBM while SCO's litigation and entire financial existence is being handled by Microsoft.

Last week SCO filed lawsuits against two companies that use Linux: Autozone and Daimler-Chrysler. They've also claimed that Computer Associates has purchased a Linux license from them. However, CA senior VP of product development Mark Barrenechea denied this just days after Darl and friends began touting it, saying that "SCO was dropping CA’s name to associate itself with the 'third-largest software company in the world' and build support for its 'lost cause.'"

EV1Servers.net did buy a Linux license but apparently they underestimated the reaction they would get from the Open Source community, prompting EV1's CEO to publicly denounce any association between SCO and EV1.

As always, if you want the low-down on the SCO vs. Linux mess, visit GROKLAW or keep an eye on slashdot. Even if it were worth my time I wouldn't have enough of it to keep track of all of SCO's bullshit… but the guys at GROKLAW are on top of that.

UPDATE: According to this story on Newsforge, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has been receiving complaints regarding Microsoft's financial involvement with SCO. an SEC staff member told NewsForge that complaints and tips about suspected under-the-table funding, stock-kiting, illegal insider trading, and money-laundering involving Microsoft or Microsoft-connected individuals to the financially struggling SCO Group have been coming into the agency with regularity since last August. The SEC 'does not take such complaints lightly,' the source said."


Movable Style: Styles for Movable Type March 4, 2004

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Came upon Movable Style today. They've got several style sheets for Movable Type. As you can see, my site is pretending to be slashdot. Nice…

UPDATE: As you can see, I'm using Blogger now for my weblog. Nevertheless, this is a good resource for those using Movable Type.

RE-UPDATE: Blogger sucks. You can't create categories for your posts. Phhhhttt.

Macromedia Tools Coming To Linux March 4, 2004

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Macromedia is at work testing their development tools, such as Dreamweaver, on Linux. This is awesome news seeing as to this day no one has developed an HTML editor for Linux that clones the Dreamweaver/Homesite tag completion feature. After coding with Homesite and then Dreamweaver for several years I can't code without it… w00t for Dreamweaver on Linux! Here's the story.