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Download Images To Linux From A Digital Camera February 28, 2004

Posted by devhen in HOWTO, Linux.
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Thats right, not only is it possible, its easy! Just connect your digital camera via USB, login as root, and type

mkdir /mnt/camera
mount /dev/sda1 -t vfat /mnt/camera

The location of your digital camera depends on how many SCSI devices you have attached to your computer. So if sda1 doesn't work, try sda2, sda3, etc.

Logout of root and type

cd /mnt/camera

and you have your photos.


The Future of Text Messaging February 24, 2004

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…is Instant Messaging. Mark my words and then come back in a year or two when all new cell phones are equipped with instant messaging capabilities. In other words, text messaging will be replaced with cell phone chatting. The question is, which service will be used? AOL IM (there are already phones on the market that support this), MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, or a new service that is (hopefully) compatible with these other services? It would ideal if by then an instant messaging standard has been agreed upon.

Mozilla Firefox 0.8 Released February 19, 2004

Posted by devhen in Mozilla.
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After yet another name change, from Firebird to Firefox, version 0.8 of Mozilla's stand alone browser has been released. This version includes a new download manager, several stability and bug fixes, and other enhancements. It can be downloaded from the Firefox web page. There are a couple of personal blog posts covering the new name and the newly created Mozilla Visual Identity Team which will focus on the end-user experience of the Mozilla browser.