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Groklaw Responds to Darl September 20, 2003

Posted by devhen in Linux, SCO.

The repsectable folks over at Groklaw.com have published an impressive letter to SCO CEO Darl McBride in response to his open letter to the Open Source community. Groklaw's letter can also be seen at The Inquirer. The letter, among other things, warns Darl of the legal action that will come against him if he does not stop his baseless attack on the Open Source community. The letter is very precise and clear. Very impressive work.

Groklaw is a group of several respectable individuals whose common goal (currently) is research into the SCO/Linux battle. Here is a quote from their site describing the members of the group:

Quite a number in the group are software engineers, including contributors to the Linux kernel. Others are proprietors of Linux-based businesses or executives or employees of Linux-related businesses. A few of us are lawyers, one is a paralegal, one a stockbroker, at least one is a physicist, a couple are journalists, one is a retired policeman, another a retired truck driver, others are in or have been in the military, and some work or have worked in government. We also have experienced UNIX programmers among us who personally witnessed the history of UNIX since its inception, participated in its development, and know the software well. One of us is a non-technical grandmother who installed GNU/Linux herself recently and fell in love with the software.



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