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An Open Letter to Darl McBride September 16, 2003

Posted by devhen in Linux, SCO.

After reading the aforementioned interview between ComputerWorld and Darl McBride, I decided to send a letter to McBride myself. I submitted it via SCO's contact form with the subject asking the recipient to forward it to Mr. McBride (I couldn't find a personal email address for the son-of-a-bitch). Here it is, Darl, in case your people didn't get it to you:

Mr McBride,

I live in Spanish Fork, Utah. I am a computer science undergraduate at the University of Utah. Besides my passion for the science behind computers and computer software I have an even greater passion for truth. I feel the very real desire to inform you that your slanderous business tactics are completely transparent. Not only are you in dire need of business ethics, you also possess a complete failure to respect the realities of truth in our lives. You see, the way you are attacking Linux in an attempt to freeload off of its growing success is completely apparent. I'm not talking to you from a business, press, or any other standpoint. I'm talking to you personally. You are lying to your industry. You are maliciously attempting to save your company's sad financial situation by playing with the US legal system and pulling the wool over the eyes of the press and public. The reason I felt compelled to contact you was because you need very much to know that although I am only a 21 year old aspiring computer scientist I nevertheless have tapped into something you seem to have no comprehension of: truth and true intentions to further the information industry through honest means. My professors at school and my heros within the IT industry are your complete opposites. And we, Mr. McBride, are the future and the present of this industry and the entire world. You disgust me and you sadden me. You will lose this battle very soon, Mr. McBride and if you do not change your ways you will lose your own war.

Forever not yours or anyone like you,
Devin Henderson


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