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SCO’s Open Letter to the Press: “We Are Dishonest” September 11, 2003

Posted by devhen in Linux, SCO.

On September 9th SCO owner Darl McBride posted on his company's web site an open letter to the Open Source community. However, an honest and informed reader will quickly discover that this is actually a letter to the press which relies heavily on a hope that the average reader will not quite comprehend what is going on here. The letter is slanderous, vague, and dishonest as virtually all SCO's "letters to the press" have been. Fortunately those leading the Open Source movement are much more respectable and honest than is McBride. Eric Raymond and Bruce Perens have released a a response to McBride's open letter. Linus Torvalds has done the same, asking SCO to "grow up." Its amazing that McBride is naive enough to attempt such false and ungrounded claims against a community of such intelligent and honest individuals. Any half-witted judge would be disgusted with the way SCO is trying to "play the US legal system as a lottery." Of course, I don't see this ever actually going before a judge. If it does you can be assured of Darl McBride's complete idiocy. This is getting to the point where you start to wonder whether McBride even realizes what he's doing. It would actually be to the benefit of his reputation if in fact he doesn't. These responses to McBride's letter strengthens my hope that the truths of this whole matter might be understood by the press and the public. Stay tuned as Darl McBride's lack of intellect, honesty, and respectability become aware to the industry in a flurry of disgust. SCO would have been much wiser to let their company fall into bankruptcy. At least then the reputation of its operators would not have been so sadly ripped apart and Darl McBride might have been able to trick someone into giving him a job.



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